One of my goals  this year was to go get checked out by a doctor to make sure I am safe from prostate cancer. Maybe, safe is not the word to use in this context, let’s just say my mission was to find out my prostates health. Just to make sure he is fairing on well.Or, if he is not doing fine, at least find a remedy for any inconsistencies found by those cancer specialists whose speciality name I may not know. But I think they are called Oncologists, or something close to that. Of course I had googled it earlier, but man forgets often.

I may also have come across some prostate cancer statistics in a magazine’s medical column and the figures really spoke volumes to me. Most men in this generation have succumbed to this ailment. One of them happened to be a person closely related to me. And so I was weary of this dreadful disease. Early diagnosis of prostate cancer may be the best remedy.  So you now understand why getting a prostate cancer diagnosis was top on my ‘’to do’’ list in 2018.

However, thorough google searches hinted me of the diagnostic procedures of prostate cancer. I must say, any man in his rightful state of mind would be very cautious of signing up for that procedure. It is written, that is on some web page in google not the bible that the doctor has to insert his fingers in one’s rectum, in order to assess the health of the prostate. At least that is the basic procedure used for prostate cancer diagnosis to the best of my understanding with information from google.

My only problem with that procedure though, is that being an African man, I am not so comfortable with someone inserting his fingers in my behinds, especially when the doctor conducting the procedure is a man. Ooh, that would be a total turn off for me. If the good doctor is a lady, then that would make the situation a little bit bearable. Currently, I am still struggling with the decision to finally visit a doctor for diagnosis. But at least I have some information of what may conspire in the doctor’s room. Although it is information sourced from google. I cannot hold a candle to how credible information from google is.

Like me, most of you have found yourselves in situations where you need medical information that may help you make critical decisions in your health life. However, with the advent of the internet and e-medicine platforms, one may just be overwhelmed by the overload of information available online. Of course, sorting this information may be an uphill task for you because you are not a trained medical doctor. And the strong language used to describe some diseases online may as well be more dangerous to you than the disease itself.

This limits our choices of where, how and when we are supposed to access quality and useful medical information. Because at the centre of our well-being is health. Visiting a trained medical consultant is the only other best course of action left. But this is Africa; very few people here can afford to pay exorbitant consultation fees required by expert doctors. In most cases, majority of the African population can barely afford meagre medical fees required in public hospitals. This brings us to a dilemma and a very serious one for that matter. How can one access medical information and services conveniently?

A friend of mine was doing very well in life. His son had just graduated from college with a degree. His career was at its climax. His family was doing so well. Life was just beautiful for him. He was full of life and always wearing a smile anywhere he went. You could feel the energy flowing out of him. The man was always jovial until when a simple health complication sent him to a doctor one day. The doctor told him three words that no man wants to here in their lifetime, ”You Have Cancer.” These three simple words, stole the life out this jovial person I knew.

The smiles quickly faded off his face; there was no more laughter around him. He all of a sudden became sulky and moody. He spent most of his time closed away in his room not talking to anyone. As if he was waiting for his death. As fate would have it, I happened to know a community of cancer survivors. I introduced him to this community. He found hope in the people there. Through a series of meet ups, consultations and encouragements, he was able to improve in health.

He found hope in the community; he found a promise of triumph against the cancer in his body through the community. He was given tips and procedures on how to overcome the disease. With time, the smile came back to his face. The laughter found its way around him, even though it was tough, the community was there to answer any questions he had. They had walked that journey, they understood that path, and they had lived the nightmare and came out of it just fine. Sometimes, the best medicine is the promise of hope we can get from people who have suffered in the same way as us.

It is with that in mind that I am working  to create a web platform that would create communities of people with similar medical needs and attention. I chose to give the platform an indigenous name,I will call it AFYA POA. This platform will create a virtual space for people with similar medical conditions to interact and find out the best course of action for their conditions. The aim of the platform is to primarily connect people so that they can share their experiences and encourage each other during the tough times of ailment. Think of it as a facebook for people with similar medical needs.

The mobile application and the web platform would create a space for people to share their experiences. For instance, proposed treatment through lifestyle change, fitness routines, healthy diet, and meditation and so on. It would also connect patients to virtual doctors who would be able to offer digital diagnostics online. On the same platform, there will be an online store for one to order exotic foods that are healthy for patients and are not found in the local markets. The store could also connect patients to drugs, prescriptions, medical equipment and services not available locally. This social medical community, of doctors, patients, dieticians and medical practitioners is the future of medicine and the hope for the people of Africa.Afya poa,is the genesis of the medical revolution.







This is what my New Shaman Friend had to Say about me.I must admit most of it is true.



“Someone must have told people along the way,that life was going to be really easy,well,I got a special announcement for people who believed it.The truth is that, they lied.” LES BROWN.

Life is hard,its really really hard.That is the bare reality.The earlier you acquaint yourself to this fact,the better placed you are to tackle the countless challenges of  life.But don’t believe me just yet,don’t take my word for it.What do I know about life?

His business got burnt down to the ground while he was asleep.My friend Elias runs a small photocopy and computer services shop in town.He spent his Sunday like the rest of us did,or so I think.The usual Sunday routine,you are up early in the morning,probably do some cleaning then put on your Sunday best and ghost off to church to pump a little bit of Godliness into your otherwise darkened soul.After the mass,he might have crushed on a girl he has been following in the village,he might have struck a conversation that saw him disclose his endevours.He must have mentioned to her that he is a university graduate,who merited with flying colours in Computer Science but due to the unemployment crisis currently locking young graduates like him from the market,he decided to be innovative and enterprising.So he opened this small computer shop in town to horn his Computer science skills.he might have even disclosed the location of the shop in town and urged the beautiful village girl to pop into his place of business anytime she wishes, for both business and pleasure. Whichever  she choose.The lady in return must have been very pleased with this new suitor.I mean early Sunday morning when she had popped into to church,probably prayed about getting a husband,an educated one for that matter,with the ability to provide for her needs.Then here comes her miracle,her answered prayer,my friend Elias.They might have exchanged numbers as usual and agreed to meet in town on Monday morning before she checks  into her job as a supermarket cashier.So Joyce,hurriedly rushes through her morning chores early Monday and she speeds off earlier than she usually does to go meet his knight in shining armour. On arrival at the shop,she finds the building roaring with flames,The yellows tongues of fire were eating up the building,bringing it to its knees.A sudden fear engulfs her being.For a moment,she thinks her dear Elias might be in the buiding.Her intuitive instincts direct her to make a call,she dials his number for the first time.Elias picks up,he is still in bed.Infact the call is what disrupts him from a romantic dream,where she was probably kissing the lady she had met in church.He picks up his phone to find her calling,talk about dreams coming true.He thinks to himself,this has to be possibly the best Monday of the week.But when she informs him of the fire that is ravaging his place of business,he realizes there could be nothing great about that day…..

He lost a son he had been praying for,for ten years.When my friend Tim got a call from his wife that she was expectant,he was on his way to China for a seminar organized by the Council of Governors.He had just stepped out of a yellow cab that had dropped him off to the Airport.It was his first trip abroad,he was so thrilled about it.All the internetters and his facebook friends had gotten wind of his maiden trip.They thought him a very lucky guy.A good job,a beautiful wife,a covetable colloquial house and one hell of a sporty car that noisily announced his grand entrance into the estate when he came back from work.As they were all hyped up waiting for him to go and come back with selfies and goddies from China land,what they didn’t know was that he was struggling with the reality of not being able to sire a child.They had tried all sorts of remedy, including traditional medicine and  herbalist doctors.This is because there fertility doctor had crushed all hopes of them ever buying baby shoes and those small adorable baby clothing.So when she called saying she was pregnant,it was not only a middle finger to the discouraging fertility doctor but also a miracle in itself,one may even term it an immaculate conception.So he knew his miracle was not in china land but in his homelands,of course he cancelled his maiden trip and rushed back home to bask in the glory of finally being a real man,a true African man because siring children is the benchmark of true African manhood.Months later they would welcome into the world a bouncing baby boy.They chose to call him Emmanuel because of the Godly circumstances that surrounded his conception.Only for a househelp to kill the boy almost two months after his birth while forcefully feeding him hot porridge to him…..

Before he broke his leg,he was an exceptional footballer.He was a god in the football pitch.A prodigy player with five star ratings.We knew this because young kids admired and imitated his moves.The old folks would call him Pele.They nicknamed him after the amazing Brazilian football maestro who secured his place in the books of history when it came to matters football.You must agree that he was an extremely talented youngster for him to earn that coveted nickname in high school.Men traveled from ten villages away,some from five rivers away and others had to ascend hills if not mountains to come witness this young one scoring goals for his high school.He wanted to go pro,probably play for Arsenal later on in the English premier league.By the look of things,his dreams were not wild at all.He had the talent and the skills to play in some of the world’s best football extravaganzas.He had the blessings of his coaches,his fellow players and his ever supportive fans.But on one fateful day,as they were travelling from Rwanda,after they had won the East African Secondary School ball games,his dreams would meet a sudden,tragic end.The bus they were travelling in lost control,they veered off from the road and rolled down from a high steep slope.The bus plunged into a river at the foot of the hills.Luckily for them no one died.That was the miracle.However,our prodigy soccer player lost both his legs.And that is how he kissed his hall of fame goodbye…..

Like my friends,most of us are going through treacherous times in life.Some of you have lost jobs,others have found themselves in the wrong jobs.Some have been orphaned and widowed at relatively young ages.Others have found themselves in abusive relationships and marriages while others feel like they are surrounded with a clout of death.The reality is all of us have got a struggle we are dealing with in life.An obstacle that stands in our way and seems to make life distasteful and unbearable. Sometimes,life will throw at you very unmanageable hardships.Sometimes they come in ones while other times the troubles comes in two’s.

But that is the staff that life is made up off. It is what makes life.However,the silver lining is that when one overcomes these hardships that life throws at us,there is beauty awaiting for us at the end of it all.The universe seems to fall in love with people who persevere.It truly appreciates People who don’t give up despite hardships and trials of life.So when life throws lemons at you be brave enough to make lemonade out of it.When you feel stuck,be patient enough to know that someday growth will come your way.Its never always all bad.Sometimes the good stretches will follow.That is why they say life is a series of ups and downs.When you feel like your life has been transformed into a dark pit of troubles and tribulation,when it seems like a vortex of hell is slowly whirling around you,gather the strength to climb out of that hell,albeit one inch at a time…



One of the most beautiful cars automotive engineers have made is called a Bugatti Veyron.I haven’t set my eyes on one of these cars yet because I live in Africa and we are still figuring out how to feed our poor masses,so seeing a one million dollars car this sides is something rare.If you are still wondering about that exorbitant price tag,let me also care to remind you that it translates to a whooping one hundred million plus Kenya shillings.This is the point where typical Africans like myself would be asking themselves,Why the hell on earth would someone splash all that cash on a car?

Let’s say you are a car enthusiast,and you are already psyched up because you think I am about to dive into the details of that car,perhaps tell you more about its horse power,its engine and fuel consumption,I am sorry to break your heart but cars are not my area of specialization(Unless they are Bugatti’s of course.)But stick with me for a moment because I am about to bring into the picture an even more interesting subject.Lets talk about women,because after all,women and beautiful cars easily complement each  other. Wouldn’t you agree?

If I gave you a million dollars under the condition that you were to buy a Bugatti,I am so sure you would be among the happiest lot of men left in the world.And believe me, there exists a very tiny percentage of happy humans because this thing called life is not necessarily here to put a smile on your face.On the contrary, life is here to kick you so hard in your butt.Now that you have your buggatti and an ear to ear smile on your big face,lets assume your wife was not so happy with your decision to buy such an expensive car because you didn’t tell her it was a gift from me.So she assumed you bought the car from your daughter Sally’s (Sally is still in class one) University savings.

Women being women,she gets psychotic and mad all of a sudden and she decides to hammer down the car’s windshield which costs approximately fifty thousand US dollars just to make a point.As though that is not enough,she goes and fetches some leftover paint from the store that you used for last year’s Christmas decoration and smears it mercilessly over the amazing hundred thousand US dollar paint job on the Bugatti.You come back home from work in your humble Toyota Vitz because you couldn’t afford to fuel the Bugatti even though you just pocketed your salary the previous day.Your manly instincts tells you to go greet the car in the garage first before you say hi to the missus and your little Sally.

The Vitz has been stripped of its honour and it now spends the lonely nights in the chilly cold because the Bugatti stole its home.Since you also knew you couldn’t afford the operational costs of the car,you had found yourself a wealthy jamaa from Kitusuru,probably a Tenderpreneur to hook you up with several millions for the car.So you hurriedly left the bar where you struck a deal with the him(the Tenderpreneur) so that you rush home and take cool pictures of the car then shoot the pictures to him on whatsapp.To your surprise,you enter the garage to find that your amazing,custom made black Bugatti had been turned into a zebra by the white paint your wife smeared on it.You can even see her fingerprints visibly marked on the paint

She even wrote you are very cool message on the side of the car(BUGGATTI-you have to specify,because such a car cannot be simply referred to as a car) using the white paint,the message read something close to this;“YOU ARE SPENDING NIGHT ON THE COUCH”…..Oops,sorry about that folks,the CAPSLOCK key got stuck. You think her silly because your cheap mind-set tells you that the paintjob is something that can easily be fixed by the juakali boys who work on your Ka-Vitz.But you open your mouth wide in amusement when you realise the windshield has been broken into a billion pieces. This is the part where your African instincts kick in,you remember your grandfather’s advice and his ancestors before him,that as a married man you have to be stern in your household.So you gather all the little strength left in your muscles especially your vocal muscles and you yell….”NJERI NITAKUMALIZA LEO,AKI UNARUDI KWENU.”…something is wrong with my CAPSLOCK comrades.

You enter the house,under all that anger and frustration you wrestle your wife down.You deal her some serious Undertaker WWE championship blows because you have been wanting to do that for a very,very long time and today happened to be that day.After the usual three taps,by the referee,who in this instance is your little Sally,you find some shred of humanity in your heart and you let her be. After allits just a Bugatti right???

You then decide to pick up your phone and call me.You narrate all the drama that ensued and ask me whether I could help you tow the car to the nearest JuaKali mechanic the following day for some repairs.This is the part where I break your heart even more.I tell you,”Bro,you know the thing about Bugattis is that,all repairs have to be made in there authorized workshops,if you are serious about repairing it,we would have to call the company’s agents who would come and ship the car to Europe for repairs in there warehouse.’’Then the phone hangs up because you are both in shock and out of credit.The polite safaricom lady is now busy reminding you to either redeem Bonga points or OkoaJahazi.At this point,you wonder how things could get so sour for you and you decide to slap your already weeping wife the last one.Youknow,one for the road.

Since I don’t advocate for violence against women,we can say the Bugatti story is bull**t.But for a moment,assume that the Bugatti was a woman,the windshield was a woman’s breasts and the Bugatti’s paintjob was a woman’s skin.The engineer who made the Bugatti is God,and the warehouse where this bugatti’s are repaired was heaven.And the wife is a plastic sergeon.When you sum all these assumptions together,any bright mind would quickly formulate the following hypothesis.

God created a woman so beautifully,the same way the engineer created and designed his Bugattimodel.So precious and valuable you are as a woman that God attached a very hefty price tag to you because he spent his precious time,resouces and skills in moulding you into that amazing masterpiece of a woman that you are.He even painted you black because in his wisdom  God knew that black would be a colour that beautifies you and makes you so much covetable.He then gifted you with amazing breasts on your chests because God knew someday your breast would feed a future baby.The same way an engineer fits windshields in the front of the Bugatti so that the driver can see what happens in front of the car.

Thewife,who is the plastic surgeon,painted the black Bugatti with white colour because she was used to the colour of their cheap vitz.Same way some women decide to mess up there amazingly wonderful melanin by applying some skin lightening comestics.They then go ahead to resize the sizes of their breasts and buttocks because they think the bigger these sexual organs are the more beautiful they are.In the processes of surgery they end up messing  there organs just the same way the wife broke the Bugatti’s windshield.Soon they have to be shipped back to some specialized warehouse for repair but since they are not cars like the Bugatti,sometimes they face the ultimate fate,death.You don’t mess up with an engineer’s work if you didn’t help create the designs.So they go to meet the creator in heaven.And for what?Just because you needed bigger buttocks.So when I heard the sad story of the late…………….may her soul rest in peace,I was so disheartened.And I couldn’t stop but wonder,why would you want to be a Toyota vitz when you were made a Bugatti.



A woman with a placard requesting for a job in my home County government’s offices.

We have probably heard the term “half baked graduates” thrown around by people in reference to graduates who are coming out of University recently.I may be one of those who are colloquially referred to as half baked.To be a little sincere,it kind of feels like an insult when one spends four years of his lifetime studying for a degree then some entitled person somewhere refers to them as such.It is not only disheartening but also discourages young ones coming from high school,girls and boys budding with intelligence from joining these tertiary Institutions. We have to be very careful with how we apportion this blames else all our young ones will shun formal education.

Don’t get me wrong though,I am not here to express my feelings like a heartbroken teenager or something.Actually,I may be among the few enlightened people who believe that even in this major unemployment crisis,we could stop blaming it all on whether we are half-baked,full baked,or quarter baked and start formulating tangible strategies that will get our young ones out of this hard situation they find themselves in.I speak with a lot of conviction on this issue because I recently resigned from a job amidst an environment where young people like me are looking for the same opportunity.

But don’t trust me just yet.Why the hell did I resign?Didnt I really need all that cash?Well,the answers to these questions forms the fundamentals to the solutions of the unemployment crisis in the world today.I came to the realization that the problem is not with the graduates or there skills,or there teachers,or the education system as we are mostly inclined to believe.Fact of the matter is,most of the employed people in the job market today,are themselves products of inferior education systems,inferior institutions and teachers unlike us,the dot com generation;no one is better than the internet generation.But I must say they are doing so well in their jobs today.Why?You may ask.Its because I believe experience and not professors is the best teacher.

The job market in itself is what is the problem and not the graduates.I will cite a quick example,there exists a super financial manager in my country Kenya who seems to be the bad-ass CEO.Judging by his lucrative career,it feels like he may be  among the few chosen financial managers who can read balance sheets better than most. You might have heard of a man by the name Julius Kipngetich,the immediate former CEO of the state-owned retailer,Uchumi supermarkets.If you carefully follow through his career,you will understand the underlying problem of the Unemployment crisis.

I have nothing against the good Dr.Kipngetich,in any case I truly appreciate intelligence because it in itself is a rare commodity.Mr.Julius is one of those intelligent ones,but so was my freshman roommate Jeremy who also happened to have studied economics.But the tale of these two intelligent individuals is one that showcases great inequities when it comes to opportunity in the Job market.For those familiar with Kenya’s cooperate landscape,you will recall that Dr.Kipngetich has moved successively from one cooperate organization to another.He served as the CEO of Kenya wildlife Service before moving to Equity group Limited.He then moved to the ill-fated Uchumi Supermarket chains where he resigned sighting pursuance of personal interests.

The grim reality though is our good Dr.Kipngetich might not really have made lasting positive impact in some of these cooperations he has been at the helm,just to sight but a few,how well did he deal with poaching crisis while at KWS? Or rather what was his contribution to getting the debt ridden Uchumi out of its callous financial reality.The Job market therefore is more keen on recycling the same old managers from one cooperation to another even though they may not be contributing significantly to their growth.

But what if instead of recycling managers,we could actually be giving some of these opportunities to our young intelligent minds? Instead of moving Dr.Kipngetich from KWS to Uchumi we could have employed a young manager like my intelligent freshman roommate Jeremy.So that instead of one person keeping three jobs that he is decimally perfoming in,we could empower two young people in those positions.Sounds like a good idea right?

If you said it’s a good idea,you are both right and wrong.You are right because it seems to be the logical path to follow but you are also wrong because we don’t live in that kind of world.I mean let’s face it,we live in a capitalistic economy where greed is at the center of all appointments and opportunities.When integrity is at the altar of sacrifice,what more do you expect other than injustice.Due process will be put under the table and job positions will only be given to those who may in return gives us some favors when they land those positions.

In Kenya for instance, the great capitalists are the land and real estate owners. If you do not fit into this categorization you are doomed to a serious period of struggle. If you go into business, licensing fees from the government and hefty taxes from the Kenya revenue authority may bring your business down to its knees. If you are a creative, your movies, your music, your writing, your paintings, your digital designs or dramas maybe banned by the government for reasons well known to them. I am sure you know Mr. Ezekiel Mutua, the self proclaimed moral police who has singlehandedly banned without apologies several creative works including the famous and celebrated music group Sauti Sol’s music. Patenting and copyrighting is a big joke in the country, yet this is the only avenues where young people can begin to build a life of their own.

As though that isn’t enough, the governments we elect seems to have made it their primary business to maintain the status-quo. No wonder most of the folks holding political office are busy locating parcels of land around the country to misappropriate. Which further confirms my allegations that the landlords run our economy.They give sensitive parastatal positions to their political cronies, who in turn employ their uneducated relatives and family. To add hot coal on the wound, these very uneducated people who only landed positions because they share a DNA with a highly placed government official are the same ones that will be calling university graduates “half baked”. Which is better? Half baked or the kind that is not baked at all,I will let you be the judge.

To my young people,you may be unemployed today but I am here to remind you that you still matter.They may call you names but you got to stick to your grind.Use your knowledge to innovate and develop things that are of value to our communities.It is not a fault of your own that you find yourself in this crisis.It is not the fault of your teachers,lecturers or the education system.Its the overly aggrandized greedy forces of society that are willingly locking you out of opportunities that you genuinely deserve.That is why they call you half baked.Is it fair for someone with three university degrees from abroad calling you half baked? Nooooo..So write books about your experiences, code softwares, develop community initiatives, build businesses, create fashion lines, blogs, websites. We may emerge successful in the long run.




Have you ever been to a hotel,you have ordered beans and some chapatis while seated next to a person eating chicken or any meaty dish for that matter?I don’t know about you,but I have been in such a situation before.Most at times,I am usually the person taking beans.Not because i could not afford kuku but for the simple reason that I am keeping things healthy.You don’t wanna staff your body with all that genetically modified staff right?

But who i am kidding.I love meat and I am cock sure( who still uses that phrase in the 21st century) I will eat meat to my last breath.I may even die with a piece of meat in my  mouth.You never know,right?Anyway,there is this pride that accompanies someone who has just ordered meat or kuku in a restaurant.It all begins with the series of instructions they give to the waiters.You know kenyans sindio,they will be like;

Wasike:Mko na kuku..?(Clearly Wasike’s cant read menus,or if they can,they must confirm with the waiter)

Waiter:Yes Boss,tuko nayo.

Wasike:Naa,ni kuku ya kienyeji ama grade?

Waiter:Hapa tunauza tu Kienyeji..?

Wasike:Safi ndugu,unajua wanasema ile ingine ya wazungu inaleta goiter


Wasike:Nilitee kuku,na ulete stake,sitaki mgongo,hainanga nyama.Halafu leta na ugali,na hiyo ugali uiangalie vizuri,si unaona mimi ni……..


Wasike:Na boss usisahau kakachumbari…

Wasike seems like the perfect character to order kuku in a restaurant.I mean,who else other than a lunje can give detailed specificity on how they want there chicken to appear on there plate.This luhya’s,huh,they amaze me(FYI I am not luhya).

The finess and attention to detail with which one partakes on meaty plate is unrivalled.One dines like a queen whenever there are a few pieces of meat on their plates to spare.They  deep the mounds of ugali that they have dutifully moulded in there fists into the stew.Segregating the piece of meat as though savouring that explosion of meaty delicacy for last chew.I dont know where we get this eating habits from,but that is not something one picks up from the internet.I would attribute that to the ancestors.

Most at times,the people eating chapo and other retarded foods in restaurants are often the first to finish eating.They race through there meals hurriedly as though masking the shame of being seen partaking on a plate a mere rice(Not to say that rice is not good but meat is what makes the combination worthwhile.) and beans. Especially the ones seated next to someone eating kuku.

That being said,there has been a lot of myths and misconceptions about meat.It makes me both hungry and angry whenever people choose to blame there health issues on meat.Or when they are convinced by the men in labcoats to blame it all on meat.Red meat being the number one culprit.

Doc:You should watch your weight,maybe try toning down on meat.

Njoroge:Daktari,hiyo inawezekana kweli?

The thing is,I have been eating meat for a considerable time of my lifetime.But I am basically still what kenyans colloquially refer to as ”1 GB”.Which keeps me wondering,why doesn’t all this meat i have taken at least elevate me to 2GB.Why am I still languishing in the pit of misery,classified with those slender marathoners from Iten who ascend those sloppy landscapes like wind.

Just to paint a picture of how I am a serial meat eater,i will have to take you back to my childhood years.My mother,is the one i blame for this strong bond i have with meat.She basically conditioned me to be a meat lover.My childhood plate of supper could barely be deemed supper if meat was missing in the equation.If you wanted our household to waste away all ugali(A very sizeable one for that matter),serve a meal without meat.And you will escort your mountain of ugali back to the dark kitchen where it came from.

Lets talk science.I hated all that chemistry behind staff.But when it comes to meat chemistry,I am down to it.Advanced Glycation End products,acronymed AGE,are naturally occurring substances in food but they also form in foods during cooking,particularly when high-heat cooking methods are used.In retrospect,from this shred of science,it is clear that meat has always been innocent.The true culprit is that substance they call AGE.When you order your meat grilled,or deep fried or boilled that means there is an increased concentration of AGE In that food.

Higher intake of AGE,is associated with increased inflammation and development or progression of chronic diseases like heart diseases and diabetes.Other chemical substances include,Heterocyclic amines(HCA’s) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAH’s) which are formed when animal proteins like beef,chicken,pork or fish are cooked.These substances dramatically increase with temperature.This are the harmful substances in meat that may cause health risks and complications for meat lovers like me.

Suffice all that science to mean,meat is mostly safe only when it is raw.Cook the meat and you dramatically summon AGE,HCA and PAH’S which are actually the harmful chemical proponents of meat.Which bring us to a dillema.If meat is only safe when raw,does it mean our solution is to take a bite on a cows ass?O r should we deep freeze the meat instead?How does uncooked,raw meat qualify to be meat?The reality is,if we start biting into the asses of animals,we will be going back to the stoneage and the deligent apes who discovered fire would be very furious at us for wasting there intelligence and innovation.

So what are meat lovers like me to do when meat is blamed for almost all the illnesses that ravage our modern society today.Do we give up on meat?What would that do to my favourite waiter at McFry’s who serves me kuku and chips with a dutiful smile that makes my heart leap.There are no absolute solutions to problems.But there are measures we can take to reduce health risks associated with meat eating.

Marinating meat before cooking is one of the simple propositions I have for you today.Before tossing that stake in hot,bubbly oil,or throwing those beautiful goat ribs on your grill,it would be more healthy if you soak the meat in a bowl of vinegar or lemon juice.let is soak in the acidity.This greatly reduces the accumulation of food  chemical components when temperatures are increased.

Another simple remedy,is to include herbs and plenty of them as an ingredient in your cooking.Rosemary herbs in particular is believed to tremendously reduce HCA production in meat. Other useful herbs to include in your cooking pot of meat include thyme,oregana and sage.It also goes without mentioning that if you are partaking on a plate of meat,it would be really helpful if you accompanied it with a plateful of vegetables.Vegetables are low on those chemical substances found in meat,so by coupling the two together you neutralize chemical composition of meat.

Other simple remedies also include,avoiding charring of the meat which greatly multiplies chemical accumulation in food.Keep your grilled meat away from smoke that comes from burnt oily fat that drips into hot charcoal while roasting meat. that being said,almost everything there is in our world today is poisonous. They say fruits are healthy right?Try stuffing one hundred guavas in your belly and we see how that goes for you.It all comes down to quantity.Come to think of it,I am a meat lover,but i still keep fit and healthy because I am very conscious of the amount of meat I consume.

I am not the kind that would wolf down a whole kilogram of meat at a go.That is a reserve of Lions.But come to think of it,Lions,great cats and predators of Africa never suffer from meat complications yet this animals eat whole Buffaloes and on good days elephants. I think the magic is the fact that they like there meat raw.All this time we have been blaming it all on the meat while the reality of the matter is that fire is the subtle criminal we have never arrested.Which brings me to that big English statement that is common to all and sundry,that at the end of the day,you have to put into your mind the ”TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING IS POISONOUS.”





I am not the most spiritual person there is,but at least I read the bible once in a while.Recently,I may have stumbled upon this verse that gave me insight into our situation as a country.Turn to your bibles on Psalm 2.The good book says;

Why do the nations conspire

and the people plot in vain?

The Kings of the earth rise up

and rulers band together

against the lord and against the annointed


”Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.”

The one enthroned in heaven laughs;

the lord scoffs at them

he rebukes them in his anger

and terrifies them in his wrath,


”I have installed my King on Zion,my holy mountain”

I will proclaim the Lords decree;

He said to me,You are my son;

today i have become your father.

Ask me,

and I will make the nations your inheritance,

the ends of the earth your possession.

You will break them with a rod of iron,

you will dash them to pieces like pottery.

Therefore,you kings,be wise;

be warned,you rulers of the earth.

Serve the lord with fear

and celebrate his rule with trembling

Kiss his son or he will be angry

and your way will lead to your destruction,

for his wrath can flair up in a moment.

Blessed are all who take refuge in him.


A great Engineer who built the Titanic is said to have declared that even God himself can never make that ship sink.Well,the fate of the Titanic is common knowledge to us.They say history tends to repeat itself.And as it is,that same mistake that the titanic builders made is about to be made in my beloved country Kenya.

I have been bothered by a knot of politicians and Kenyans who have been doing tours scheming and planning for the future.In there conspiracies,they rarely factor in the reality that they may not be here to see December of 2018.A man who operates on his inflated ego may at times think that the world will always bend to his will and desire.But the almighty God sits high above in the heavens and laughs at there irresponsible schemes.

This goes especially to my beloved political leaders.I love you people.I respect you.I honour like the true honourables and notabilities you are.But even with all that,I love the lord even more.In him i have put all my trust.For when the lord acts,the world stops for a moment and pays are only but humans,made of flesh and blood like the rest of us.

So why scheme for a future you may not be here to see.Why kill for a purpose that seems futile.Why not wait on the lords mercies and the his gifting of life in 2022 before starting to position yourselves for it.You are our leaders here on earth.But that in itself does not make you supreme.The lord gives and takes.Fundamentally,life has to exist before one becomes a leader.Or do we call a dead leader our leader?No.He is just but a body.Serve the lord with fear and seek for his grace.Plan for 2022 now and you will be inviting your own death.