A woman with a placard requesting for a job in my home County government’s offices.

We have probably heard the term “half baked graduates” thrown around by people in reference to graduates who are coming out of University recently.I may be one of those who are colloquially referred to as half baked.To be a little sincere,it kind of feels like an insult when one spends four years of his lifetime studying for a degree then some entitled person somewhere refers to them as such.It is not only disheartening but also discourages young ones coming from high school,girls and boys budding with intelligence from joining these tertiary Institutions. We have to be very careful with how we apportion this blames else all our young ones will shun formal education.

Don’t get me wrong though,I am not here to express my feelings like a heartbroken teenager or something.Actually,I may be among the few enlightened people who believe that even in this major unemployment crisis,we could stop blaming it all on whether we are half-baked,full baked,or quarter baked and start formulating tangible strategies that will get our young ones out of this hard situation they find themselves in.I speak with a lot of conviction on this issue because I recently resigned from a job amidst an environment where young people like me are looking for the same opportunity.

But don’t trust me just yet.Why the hell did I resign?Didnt I really need all that cash?Well,the answers to these questions forms the fundamentals to the solutions of the unemployment crisis in the world today.I came to the realization that the problem is not with the graduates or there skills,or there teachers,or the education system as we are mostly inclined to believe.Fact of the matter is,most of the employed people in the job market today,are themselves products of inferior education systems,inferior institutions and teachers unlike us,the dot com generation;no one is better than the internet generation.But I must say they are doing so well in their jobs today.Why?You may ask.Its because I believe experience and not professors is the best teacher.

The job market in itself is what is the problem and not the graduates.I will cite a quick example,there exists a super financial manager in my country Kenya who seems to be the bad-ass CEO.Judging by his lucrative career,it feels like he may be  among the few chosen financial managers who can read balance sheets better than most. You might have heard of a man by the name Julius Kipngetich,the immediate former CEO of the state-owned retailer,Uchumi supermarkets.If you carefully follow through his career,you will understand the underlying problem of the Unemployment crisis.

I have nothing against the good Dr.Kipngetich,in any case I truly appreciate intelligence because it in itself is a rare commodity.Mr.Julius is one of those intelligent ones,but so was my freshman roommate Jeremy who also happened to have studied economics.But the tale of these two intelligent individuals is one that showcases great inequities when it comes to opportunity in the Job market.For those familiar with Kenya’s cooperate landscape,you will recall that Dr.Kipngetich has moved successively from one cooperate organization to another.He served as the CEO of Kenya wildlife Service before moving to Equity group Limited.He then moved to the ill-fated Uchumi Supermarket chains where he resigned sighting pursuance of personal interests.

The grim reality though is our good Dr.Kipngetich might not really have made lasting positive impact in some of these cooperations he has been at the helm,just to sight but a few,how well did he deal with poaching crisis while at KWS? Or rather what was his contribution to getting the debt ridden Uchumi out of its callous financial reality.The Job market therefore is more keen on recycling the same old managers from one cooperation to another even though they may not be contributing significantly to their growth.

But what if instead of recycling managers,we could actually be giving some of these opportunities to our young intelligent minds? Instead of moving Dr.Kipngetich from KWS to Uchumi we could have employed a young manager like my intelligent freshman roommate Jeremy.So that instead of one person keeping three jobs that he is decimally perfoming in,we could empower two young people in those positions.Sounds like a good idea right?

If you said it’s a good idea,you are both right and wrong.You are right because it seems to be the logical path to follow but you are also wrong because we don’t live in that kind of world.I mean let’s face it,we live in a capitalistic economy where greed is at the center of all appointments and opportunities.When integrity is at the altar of sacrifice,what more do you expect other than injustice.Due process will be put under the table and job positions will only be given to those who may in return gives us some favors when they land those positions.

In Kenya for instance, the great capitalists are the land and real estate owners. If you do not fit into this categorization you are doomed to a serious period of struggle. If you go into business, licensing fees from the government and hefty taxes from the Kenya revenue authority may bring your business down to its knees. If you are a creative, your movies, your music, your writing, your paintings, your digital designs or dramas maybe banned by the government for reasons well known to them. I am sure you know Mr. Ezekiel Mutua, the self proclaimed moral police who has singlehandedly banned without apologies several creative works including the famous and celebrated music group Sauti Sol’s music. Patenting and copyrighting is a big joke in the country, yet this is the only avenues where young people can begin to build a life of their own.

As though that isn’t enough, the governments we elect seems to have made it their primary business to maintain the status-quo. No wonder most of the folks holding political office are busy locating parcels of land around the country to misappropriate. Which further confirms my allegations that the landlords run our economy.They give sensitive parastatal positions to their political cronies, who in turn employ their uneducated relatives and family. To add hot coal on the wound, these very uneducated people who only landed positions because they share a DNA with a highly placed government official are the same ones that will be calling university graduates “half baked”. Which is better? Half baked or the kind that is not baked at all,I will let you be the judge.

To my young people,you may be unemployed today but I am here to remind you that you still matter.They may call you names but you got to stick to your grind.Use your knowledge to innovate and develop things that are of value to our communities.It is not a fault of your own that you find yourself in this crisis.It is not the fault of your teachers,lecturers or the education system.Its the overly aggrandized greedy forces of society that are willingly locking you out of opportunities that you genuinely deserve.That is why they call you half baked.Is it fair for someone with three university degrees from abroad calling you half baked? Nooooo..So write books about your experiences, code softwares, develop community initiatives, build businesses, create fashion lines, blogs, websites. We may emerge successful in the long run.





Have you ever been to a hotel,you have ordered beans and some chapatis while seated next to a person eating chicken or any meaty dish for that matter?I don’t know about you,but I have been in such a situation before.Most at times,I am usually the person taking beans.Not because i could not afford kuku but for the simple reason that I am keeping things healthy.You don’t wanna staff your body with all that genetically modified staff right?

But who i am kidding.I love meat and I am cock sure( who still uses that phrase in the 21st century) I will eat meat to my last breath.I may even die with a piece of meat in my  mouth.You never know,right?Anyway,there is this pride that accompanies someone who has just ordered meat or kuku in a restaurant.It all begins with the series of instructions they give to the waiters.You know kenyans sindio,they will be like;

Wasike:Mko na kuku..?(Clearly Wasike’s cant read menus,or if they can,they must confirm with the waiter)

Waiter:Yes Boss,tuko nayo.

Wasike:Naa,ni kuku ya kienyeji ama grade?

Waiter:Hapa tunauza tu Kienyeji..?

Wasike:Safi ndugu,unajua wanasema ile ingine ya wazungu inaleta goiter


Wasike:Nilitee kuku,na ulete stake,sitaki mgongo,hainanga nyama.Halafu leta na ugali,na hiyo ugali uiangalie vizuri,si unaona mimi ni……..


Wasike:Na boss usisahau kakachumbari…

Wasike seems like the perfect character to order kuku in a restaurant.I mean,who else other than a lunje can give detailed specificity on how they want there chicken to appear on there plate.This luhya’s,huh,they amaze me(FYI I am not luhya).

The finess and attention to detail with which one partakes on meaty plate is unrivalled.One dines like a queen whenever there are a few pieces of meat on their plates to spare.They  deep the mounds of ugali that they have dutifully moulded in there fists into the stew.Segregating the piece of meat as though savouring that explosion of meaty delicacy for last chew.I dont know where we get this eating habits from,but that is not something one picks up from the internet.I would attribute that to the ancestors.

Most at times,the people eating chapo and other retarded foods in restaurants are often the first to finish eating.They race through there meals hurriedly as though masking the shame of being seen partaking on a plate a mere rice(Not to say that rice is not good but meat is what makes the combination worthwhile.) and beans. Especially the ones seated next to someone eating kuku.

That being said,there has been a lot of myths and misconceptions about meat.It makes me both hungry and angry whenever people choose to blame there health issues on meat.Or when they are convinced by the men in labcoats to blame it all on meat.Red meat being the number one culprit.

Doc:You should watch your weight,maybe try toning down on meat.

Njoroge:Daktari,hiyo inawezekana kweli?

The thing is,I have been eating meat for a considerable time of my lifetime.But I am basically still what kenyans colloquially refer to as ”1 GB”.Which keeps me wondering,why doesn’t all this meat i have taken at least elevate me to 2GB.Why am I still languishing in the pit of misery,classified with those slender marathoners from Iten who ascend those sloppy landscapes like wind.

Just to paint a picture of how I am a serial meat eater,i will have to take you back to my childhood years.My mother,is the one i blame for this strong bond i have with meat.She basically conditioned me to be a meat lover.My childhood plate of supper could barely be deemed supper if meat was missing in the equation.If you wanted our household to waste away all ugali(A very sizeable one for that matter),serve a meal without meat.And you will escort your mountain of ugali back to the dark kitchen where it came from.

Lets talk science.I hated all that chemistry behind staff.But when it comes to meat chemistry,I am down to it.Advanced Glycation End products,acronymed AGE,are naturally occurring substances in food but they also form in foods during cooking,particularly when high-heat cooking methods are used.In retrospect,from this shred of science,it is clear that meat has always been innocent.The true culprit is that substance they call AGE.When you order your meat grilled,or deep fried or boilled that means there is an increased concentration of AGE In that food.

Higher intake of AGE,is associated with increased inflammation and development or progression of chronic diseases like heart diseases and diabetes.Other chemical substances include,Heterocyclic amines(HCA’s) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAH’s) which are formed when animal proteins like beef,chicken,pork or fish are cooked.These substances dramatically increase with temperature.This are the harmful substances in meat that may cause health risks and complications for meat lovers like me.

Suffice all that science to mean,meat is mostly safe only when it is raw.Cook the meat and you dramatically summon AGE,HCA and PAH’S which are actually the harmful chemical proponents of meat.Which bring us to a dillema.If meat is only safe when raw,does it mean our solution is to take a bite on a cows ass?O r should we deep freeze the meat instead?How does uncooked,raw meat qualify to be meat?The reality is,if we start biting into the asses of animals,we will be going back to the stoneage and the deligent apes who discovered fire would be very furious at us for wasting there intelligence and innovation.

So what are meat lovers like me to do when meat is blamed for almost all the illnesses that ravage our modern society today.Do we give up on meat?What would that do to my favourite waiter at McFry’s who serves me kuku and chips with a dutiful smile that makes my heart leap.There are no absolute solutions to problems.But there are measures we can take to reduce health risks associated with meat eating.

Marinating meat before cooking is one of the simple propositions I have for you today.Before tossing that stake in hot,bubbly oil,or throwing those beautiful goat ribs on your grill,it would be more healthy if you soak the meat in a bowl of vinegar or lemon juice.let is soak in the acidity.This greatly reduces the accumulation of food  chemical components when temperatures are increased.

Another simple remedy,is to include herbs and plenty of them as an ingredient in your cooking.Rosemary herbs in particular is believed to tremendously reduce HCA production in meat. Other useful herbs to include in your cooking pot of meat include thyme,oregana and sage.It also goes without mentioning that if you are partaking on a plate of meat,it would be really helpful if you accompanied it with a plateful of vegetables.Vegetables are low on those chemical substances found in meat,so by coupling the two together you neutralize chemical composition of meat.

Other simple remedies also include,avoiding charring of the meat which greatly multiplies chemical accumulation in food.Keep your grilled meat away from smoke that comes from burnt oily fat that drips into hot charcoal while roasting meat. that being said,almost everything there is in our world today is poisonous. They say fruits are healthy right?Try stuffing one hundred guavas in your belly and we see how that goes for you.It all comes down to quantity.Come to think of it,I am a meat lover,but i still keep fit and healthy because I am very conscious of the amount of meat I consume.

I am not the kind that would wolf down a whole kilogram of meat at a go.That is a reserve of Lions.But come to think of it,Lions,great cats and predators of Africa never suffer from meat complications yet this animals eat whole Buffaloes and on good days elephants. I think the magic is the fact that they like there meat raw.All this time we have been blaming it all on the meat while the reality of the matter is that fire is the subtle criminal we have never arrested.Which brings me to that big English statement that is common to all and sundry,that at the end of the day,you have to put into your mind the ”TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING IS POISONOUS.”





I am not the most spiritual person there is,but at least I read the bible once in a while.Recently,I may have stumbled upon this verse that gave me insight into our situation as a country.Turn to your bibles on Psalm 2.The good book says;

Why do the nations conspire

and the people plot in vain?

The Kings of the earth rise up

and rulers band together

against the lord and against the annointed


”Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.”

The one enthroned in heaven laughs;

the lord scoffs at them

he rebukes them in his anger

and terrifies them in his wrath,


”I have installed my King on Zion,my holy mountain”

I will proclaim the Lords decree;

He said to me,You are my son;

today i have become your father.

Ask me,

and I will make the nations your inheritance,

the ends of the earth your possession.

You will break them with a rod of iron,

you will dash them to pieces like pottery.

Therefore,you kings,be wise;

be warned,you rulers of the earth.

Serve the lord with fear

and celebrate his rule with trembling

Kiss his son or he will be angry

and your way will lead to your destruction,

for his wrath can flair up in a moment.

Blessed are all who take refuge in him.


A great Engineer who built the Titanic is said to have declared that even God himself can never make that ship sink.Well,the fate of the Titanic is common knowledge to us.They say history tends to repeat itself.And as it is,that same mistake that the titanic builders made is about to be made in my beloved country Kenya.

I have been bothered by a knot of politicians and Kenyans who have been doing tours scheming and planning for the future.In there conspiracies,they rarely factor in the reality that they may not be here to see December of 2018.A man who operates on his inflated ego may at times think that the world will always bend to his will and desire.But the almighty God sits high above in the heavens and laughs at there irresponsible schemes.

This goes especially to my beloved political leaders.I love you people.I respect you.I honour like the true honourables and notabilities you are.But even with all that,I love the lord even more.In him i have put all my trust.For when the lord acts,the world stops for a moment and pays attention.you are only but humans,made of flesh and blood like the rest of us.

So why scheme for a future you may not be here to see.Why kill for a purpose that seems futile.Why not wait on the lords mercies and the his gifting of life in 2022 before starting to position yourselves for it.You are our leaders here on earth.But that in itself does not make you supreme.The lord gives and takes.Fundamentally,life has to exist before one becomes a leader.Or do we call a dead leader our leader?No.He is just but a body.Serve the lord with fear and seek for his grace.Plan for 2022 now and you will be inviting your own death.




The recent events that have been happening in Kenya are unbelievable. Things are happening in this country that we have not seen in our history before. What is cooking up in this small East African Country? The answer to that question is a mystery. No scientific, political or academic analysis of the recent scenarios in Kenya makes sense. Actually the only thing that makes sense is this prophecy that God has been sharing with Princess Bola Adelani a servant of God from Nigeria. God has been prophesying to Kenyans through this Nigerian woman who knows little to almost nothing about our country.

She even has a verse in the bible that she refers to her prophecy in relation to Kenya. If you do not have a bible, or any holy book around you, I suggest you buy one. Something disastrous is coming to Kenya, something I do not have words to describe it with. Flip through your bible to Ezekiel 21:27.The good book says;

I shall overturn, overturn, overturn it;

And it shall be no more, until

He comes whose right it is

And I will give it him


According to the prophetess, Kenya is already towing the line of this prophecy. According to me, this is the most accurate prophecy I can relate with because unlike her I am Kenyan. I see these overturns each and every day. And on a real time experience. Beginning with the historical nullification of the presidential elections, Kenya shocked the world all over when it became the third country in the History of mankind to nullify a presidential election. Then there was the mock swearing in, an event that attracted global attention.

As though that wasn’t enough, the warring political factions, put their differences aside and a handshake is made. Leading to what is currently being referred to as the ‘’Handshake Government.’’ And for a moment you may think that the overturns are only happening in the political class. Well you have to think again? Have we not witnessed natural calamities of recent. The elements seem to also toe the line of the prophecy. Floods have ravaged the country in most parts of country. Destroying property and in extreme instances, lives have been lost.

There have also been major geographical changes in the country. A gigantic crack sunk so deep in Suswa, something that caught global attention. I mean what other evidence do we need to prove that God is truly shaking up and overturning things in the country if not by a literal crack on our crust. Then there came the Solai tragedy. A disastrous, high speed gush of water from a broken dam that ravaged an entire village, causing unprecedented looses on lives and property. Waah, the news is full of shocking things in this Kenya lately…

A top government official was recently picked up from his home in the leafy Runda suburbs. Waah!!! Was that for real? This is not what we do to leaders accused of corruption in Kenya. In most cases, we just elect the corrupt leaders back to government and give them even more powerful positions. But here comes an overturn where he actually spends the night in Remand. Rumours even have it that he may have lacked supper since he was dropped in after other remanded comrades had already taken supper. Waaahh!!! Is this happening in Kenya? In this Kenya where corruption is more common than breakfast? That’s a major overturn. If these things don’t seem to be overturns to you, then you must recheck your understanding. Meanwhile, Gods plan for Kenya has to happen. He is the supreme maker of the heavens and earths. I am not the most spiritual person there is. So when you see me all of a sudden jump ship to emphasize on Gods agenda for Kenya and Africa, it’s because this staff is as real as it gets. But I can’t put it any better than the good servant of the Lord. She explains the Kenyan situation even better. Even though she isn’t Kenyan, she says God said  Kenya will see change, but it will not come how or when Kenyans expects it. Watch her video here from YouTube and try to understand her message. Be your own judge. She speaks with the authority of ancient prophets like Elijah and Samuel. I am sure you will take her serious. Watch here




If there has ever been a generation of confused and purposeless men,then it has to be that of the twenty first century.Being a man myself,I am no exception.Times have changed and so have men and women and how they relate to each other.My grandfather was a man,a man who knew his place, position and role in the family and in the world.My grandmother too knew her place so well.

There story was the magical flair of simplicity.My grandfather’s role was to provide for the family.You know the usual.Wake up early,go to work in order to secure a meal and other needs.My grandmother on the other hand was supposed to be a good keeper of the house granddad had built for her,cook meals for the family,look after the children and smile lovingly to her husband in the evening when he gets back home with a meal at hand.

Each partner in a marriage had exclusive roles.There was no conflict of interest.No competition.This created a harmonious existence.A perfect environment for progression of the family genealogy.Of course, it also meant that divorce was not the first call of action in the event the family encountered rocky patches in there relationship.This is simply because the woman almost completely depended on the man for her livelihood.So marriages of the previous century were commit-mental.

A critical juncture happened somewhere in the 1940’s that completely revolutionized the social structure.It was the second world war that greatly contributed to the reshaping of the relationships between women and men.Case in point being, at this moment in time,men spent most of there time on the front-line of battles and wars as opposed to the floors of factories,or plantations or market places. What was the woman to do?The man was fighting a war and she needed food for the family and also for the fighting man.

This war  created a completely new flip to everything.Women stepped into men’s shoes for the first time in ages.They would offer the much needed labour in factories manufacturing bullets,canned food,military equipment and paraphernalia.When the war was over,men had to come back to a completely new home.The woman whose role was to look after the household now keeps a day job at the factory.She is more materially powerful and independent.Women were educated from experience too.

Everything the man had been taught about being a man could now be done by a woman.That was the genesis of the predicament contemporary twenty first century  generation of men face.A completely new phenomenon that has colloquially been dubbed ”what a man can do,a woman can do better.”Yet my grandfather would have taught me today that for me to be a great man I had to be stern and authoritative in my house.But in this century,my house could easily have been bought by a woman.

So what is the man to do?He finds himself in a hard place in time.In any case, this generation of men has been demeaned.A better phrase to describe the kind of men we are today is ”emasculated males.”Men who are made to feel lesser of men than they really are. It is no wonder the following statements are so familiar to men today, like:

” You could never do anything right.”

”You are not much of a man as your father.”

”You can’t get or keep a job.”

The predicament men face therefore is a matter of great concern.How do you please a woman who has everything.Women who have bigger houses than yourself,fatter bank accounts than you,better jobs and salaries.It is a colossal task.And men have no idea of how to be men today because women today come into relationships with everything.They come with the money and most of them also come along with kids.

So men today are struggling with there purpose in society.Like how can you be a man when a woman needs nothing from you.Men also struggle with authority.Being authoritative creatures, we cant assert our positions on issues in the house when the children your wife came with from a previous relationship call you by your first name instead of dad.We struggle with our manhood,we cant understand what being male is all about in this completely changed world.This works towards hurting our self image and it screws up our understanding of women and our our ability to relate with them.

Today’s average man is confused.Mark you, it is not a fault of his own but rather the flipping of the social structure.So the man feels less valued and lesser needed.He morphs to a man with less or no conviction at all.He tries in vain to create value in alcoholism,drug and substance abuse.He imitates males in society who are not worthy being imitated.His last resolve becomes domestic abdication.Men give it all up.They walk out of relationships and marriages they feel tired of.They mistrust women and at times domestically abuse them.It is the only way they can exercise there masculinity,or so they think.They form fraternities and rally behind low life cryptic behaviors. Siring children they do not give a damn about.The average modern man is an angry one.

What is the epitome of true manhood in these contemporary times therefore?What should be the reliable benchmark of a purposeful modern man?There are no definite solutions to the problems we face today as men.But there are easy fixes that could work towards reshaping our perception.It is common sense but not common practice.One of the fundamentals we need to consider is that we need help.It goes without saying that we are in a deep crisis.That much we know.But men being men,we tend to shy off from asking for help because we think it makes us less manly.We therefore have to accept the need for help.

If you are struggling with sex addiction,alcoholism,drug and substance abuse or any anomalous issue that affects you,kindly seek for help.And don’t stop until you get it.Visit therapists,clinicians,psychologists and  let them help you through in finding yourself. I also propose that we as men should also acknowledge the fact that we don’t know everything.Let us explore more knowledge on how to tackle issues related to us.Attend seminars on how to be better husbands and fathers.Read books that boost our esteem,self image and our understanding of women.That way we create a platform that aims at building bridges as opposed to creating ridges.

In every man lies two factors.The good and the bad.It is a pity that society seeks to only magnify that which is unpleasant about men.Yet men do a hoard of pleasing acts that go unnoticed.Therefore, it is our divine purpose as men to identify our weaknesses and magnify our strengths.A purpose driven man is the one who knows his weakness and seeks avenues to address them but most importantly they should also know there strengths so that they appreciate the good within them.

Research has proven that over 92% of the ills affecting society stem from lack of male figures in families.Behind most teenagers with guns, young girls with children,hardcore inmates doing time in maximum security prisons  are missing fathers.Men are God’s foundation for his human family.It is by no mistake that none of the twelve disciples of Jesus was a woman.Yet women were and still are today the most followers of Christ.The vision god gives to a man is supposed to be transferred to his son.Men are the epicenter of human destiny.Lets us bless our children and adore our women. There is nothing a woman wants more from a man than honesty.You can keep your money but if your honest with her,its all good.








Almost five years ago as I joined campus in the then Chepkoilel campus now University of Eldoret,I was assigned to a hostel in a place called Upande.I didn’t mean to start off this extraordinary tale by bragging about my college days but you’re not going to stop me now,or are you?The name was distinct I must admit.Yet there was nothing peculiar around it to show its extraordinariness except for a wheat plantation that belonged to the University and a weird small forest where comrades have severally faced brutal attacks in.

I was born with a curious mind, with a mind of a child, a jumpy mind for that case.So,I couldn’t stop but ask myself what that name ‘’Upande’’ was all about.The place was on one ‘’Upande’’ of the road and that seemed to be the only argument that would describe the origin of that name,at least according to my perception.On further investigation though, I found out from a friend that the place was named after a general in the armed forces of Kenya whose name was Upande.The good general lived in that neighbourhood,as a matter of fact a little bird I used to see back in those days lived right beside his gate.

I found out the origin of the name and that was about the last time I was interested in it.I would later on grow up to like reggae music.Through reggae,I found an exceptional reggae god by the name Alpha blondy.The Ivorian is truly a coveted global music maestro and has released a number of socially conscious reggae hits.Top among my favourite Alpha Blondy songs is a tune dubbed peace in Liberia. The song analyses the civil war that had ravaged Liberia at that time and had extended for over fourteen God damned years.Peace in Liberia was a tribute to Liberian people,urging them to uphold peace because no one is a winner at war.

The Liberian story was the kind that would make one marvel at human psychology.The tale of child soldiers, children and teenagers who never got a chance to experience what innocent childhood meant.As the rest of us were bought toy guns and cars in the relatively peaceful parts of Sub-saharan Africa,the Kids in Liberia had to work with a real gun.Common among those was the Kalashnikovs (AK47), Russia’s bad boy.They had to learn how to use rocket launchers and those scary automatic machine guns that some of us have only seen in movies. As though that wasn’t enough,they had to receive orders from lewd psychotic men like Charles Taylor.Mentally derailed men, who took human life as easily as a luhya would a chicken’s life.

On my continued quest of finding out how Liberia transitioned from all that shit that was burning its ass all through to a relatively progressive and peaceful country, I found Upande.You remember that guy? The general who an area is named after in Eldoret.As a matter of fact,he is not called Upande but rather Opande,suffice that to say the names on his national ID is Daniel Ishmael Opande. And didn’t the man make me proud to be a Kenyan. A decorated military man, three star general, a no nonsense man who played a very pivotal role in establishing peace and a state of calm in the then war tone Liberia and later on in Sierra Leone.

Being a graduate of the British Army’s Royal Millitary Academy Sandhurst,he has almost flawlessly graduated to higher ranks in his decorated military career.I would have loved to break down his career path for you but that is what Wikipedia does best,so am not going to get into all that.But notable among the greatest and by far the noblest missions that General Opande has undertaken is his peace keeping missions in Sierra Leone and Liberia.He was the Chief military observer of the United Nations Observer Mission in Liberia (UNOMIL) where he was actively involved in disarming over fourty thousand rebel Liberian soldiers.

There is a video of the general in action where he talks to rebels groups.He seems like a tacit negotiator and a tactful go getter.In the clip he is accompanied by a small contingent of  United Nations soldiers,he then proceeds to publicly humiliate a self-declared general of the rebels.

Opande:Young man,you are a general aren’t you?

Rebel:Yes Sir.

Opande:Who promoted you to the rank of General?(Looking at the rebel with disgust)Was it Charles Taylor?

Rebel:Yes sir.

Opande:But you are not even fit enough to be a corporal.(He grubs the rebels small arms as though examining the petite muscle of his fellow general who can’t even knock out Conjestina in a fair boxing match.)

Rebel:(Does not answer,seems afraid at this giant of a Kenyan scaring the shit out of his small body.)

Opande:Young man,I particularly remember having come here last week and we held lengthy discussions with you for about one and a half hours.Why are you still harassing civilians who are using this road?

Rebel: (Now more confused than ever.)

Opande:You are not a general,I talked to you and your men and we agreed.Now I will strip you off your title.(He grabs a red beret cap from the rebels head and hands it over to one of his contingents.)I have now officially stripped you off of your title.I have not come around here to fool around with rebels.If I hear any more incidences around here,you will face the music young man. You must surrender those arms now.(He then heads back to his car leaving the young rebels perplexed with Ak47’s on their arms.)

Isn’t the good general a bad ass guy? He reminded me of my deadly high school principal who would spray your butt with strokes mercilessly. He dropped it right on the face of a scared self-declared rebel general,in the midst of rebel territory, in a god damned war tone country where he is a foreigner.It was like a movie.Like Arnold Schwarzenegger telling a bad guy to fuck off. It is that moment that makes you proud to share a country with such an extraordinary gentleman. He was man of valour and peace loving. In Liberia, he started off an ambitious project dubbed guns for money.He would disarm rebels and in exchange give them money.At one point,the UN delayed the funds that were supposed to be remitted to rebels who had surrendered their guns.The general was very disappointed.He could be seen pleading off with the rebels assuring them there arrears would be paid in full. At the centre of the relative calm and peace that countries like Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Liberia enjoy is a gleeful three star general Opande.

Opande waives his integrity badge with a deep sense of pride. He is a true son of the soil. Opande is a fellow country man who shines the way for the rest of us.He holds the lamp up high,lighting the path for lost souls,hoping that they will find redemption.He does so with a deep convinction,with utmost dignity and respect for his fellow African people.This man Upande is Kenya’s unsung hero. He is a decorated career man with an admirable courage.If only my country could breed more men like him.If only my country men could celebrate this exceptional revolutionary more.If only they could appreciate men and women who put there foot forward for the rest of us like Opande has done for Africa.I celebrate you Daniel IshamelOpande for the great Humanitarian work you have done over your lifetime.It is also my prayer that the Lord should grace you with many more years so that you can enjoy this beautiful peaceful utopia called Africa that you have truly contributed towards liberating.

I am looking for men and women who deep within them know have contributed positively towards progress of Humanity.If you are that man or woman, kindly email me on esimiyu13@yahoo.com so that we can share your amazing experiences with the rest of the world.



One day we will wake up and ride to work on a train that was powered by the previous day’s sunshine. We will charge our phones on electric energy that was produced by the wind that swept against trees and blew their way to the oceans. The sun’s rays will power our businesses and cities. The wind’s energy will run our factories; it will warm our homes and cool our work places. We will be more conscious of the environment and plant more tress. We will refrain from scourging of our landmass which births desertification.

We will reduce sources of conflict, fuel our economies and connect us all. The seas and the rivers won’t be poisoned by industrial wastes. The globe will be healthy. And species will stop dying. We will be aware and protective of wild life and put an end to poaching and illegal game hunts. We will have less diseases and more healthy populations. Our actions will be good unto us and to the planet. And the weather that day won’t make us worry about tomorrow. The world will put a stop to drug and substance abuse and mankind will be more preoccupied with thoughts of progress.

We will be conscious of our young and old people alike. Treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve. We will have more opportunities for our young people and integrate them in our progress and development as the human race. We will be more respectful to women and put an end to calling them bitches like everyone else does nowadays. We will value and love our families more. And put a stop to the cycles of uncountable divorces we witness at present. We will be responsible parents and not deadbeats as is the trend today.


We will grow organic foods that will keep our bodies healthy and energetic. We will create more jobs, new innovative ways of farming, new ways of learning and education. The ocean levels will stop rising, the suns intensity will be fair and the earth will be greener. Humanity will be in harmony, we will avoid all the unnecessary wars and terror. We will consciously put an end to developing weapons of mass destruction; we will pull together as God’s one big happy family regardless of differences in race, gender, age and religions. The question is how do we get to that day from where we are today all 7.3 billion of us?

We first of all need to rid ourselves of the fear that it is impossible. We must turn away from the warnings of science and start imagining possible solutions to the problems we face today. We must truly acknowledge that it is upon us to bring that day to reality. We start by deciding that besides our doubts and differences such a day truly exists and that there is something each of us can do today. We can make today the day that we stop thinking that the changes required to get there are impossible and beyond us and start realizing that they are not only possible but actually what the future requires of us. We can make today the day we stop pointing at each other with blame and instead chart a new course together,

We have never faced a crisis this big. But we have never had a better opportunity to solve them. We have everything we need to wake up to a different kind of world. We need our leaders to be brave and their choices to be bold. We will either be remembered as the generation that destroyed its own or the one that finally came to respect it. We have every reason in the world to act, we can’t wait until tomorrow. This is our only home, we can choose today to make a world of difference.