History wont judge me wrong if I altercate with the fact that the 1940’s, 50’s and 60 were some of the best years for African people. A people who had been labelled illiterate, uncivilised and mediocre found there voice around these times. Invincible African leaders awoke and they advanced there people to freedom from the shackles of doom. Through ultimate sacrifices that they made, facing lengthy jail terms in some of the loathsome prisons in the Continent, to living in the thick and dense tropical forests of Africa, braving the nippy cold and the constant danger of attacks from wild animals. They did all these so that our people could be free, to unfetter them from the heavy chains of colonialism and imperialism.

Today we are flowers of the struggle launched by our first statesmen. I wonder though? Is today’s Africa the Africa that our freedom fighters yearned for? Without fear of contradiction, I can confidently affirm that this is not it.The freedom fighters fought so that we could also enjoy a dignified life,an equitable existence where African people would also be treated as equal human beings,they were of the idea that we could build nations whose foundation is Justice,peace,love and harmony.If God forbid some of the freedom fighters would come back to life today,they would be knocked over back to their graves on seeing the stale fruits that their sacrifices yielded.Too good a man only dies once.

Today’s Africa,is the Africa where our leaders reside on private Islands,away,disconnected with the same people who thrust them to the pinnacle of power politics.Men and women who mostly get into politics and leadership, driven by dark and insatiable hunger for wealth and also piggish ambitions.The polarisation of African voters into tribal affiliations has created a perfect breeding ground for some of this lax folks to easily scoop these important public positions.There inimitable tool of trade of course being illiterate African masses that can be easily disillusioned on the basis of tribes. It is by no mistake, that some of the most opulent and well-heeled fellows on the continent are from the political class. Fat bellied men who are often featured on Forbes Africa’s magazine. It is by no overestimation that the richest woman in Africa for instance, one Isabel Dos Santos is the daughter of super-rich Angolan president Jose Eduardo Dos Santos.

So in Africa, you are either in the connected economy or not. Lucky are you if you are born in the pedigree of an African politician. It is this kind of inequality that our freedom fighters struggled against. It is this type of mind-set, this class based society that our unsung heroes and revolutionaries thought they had unfettered us from. It is the actions and misdoings of our African leaders that make lewd psychotic men to get the courage to call African nations ‘’Shithole  Countries.’’ When all people can see from us is mediocrity and a lack of sense and purpose then it is acceptable to throw an insult.

Of course choices have consequences and the route of tribalism and nepotism that African leaders have chosen has led to fatal emanations. These includes;illiteracy,extreme poverty, civil strife and wars, foodinsecurity, underperforming economies,disease,lack of sufficient infrastructure, just to name but a few. African masses find themselves in a difficult situation; unfortunately the masses are not yet emancipated from the heavy chains of their new black-colonial masters. They worship these lax political demi-gods. Some will even die for politicians. It is heart-breaking when you see young men, in there most productive years doing running battles with police officers, some being shot dead, like it is a game hunt.

However, every morbid story often climaxes to a resounding tale of sanguineness. The story of George Weah is a story that inspires warmth of hopefulness in the hearts of countless Africans. Born and raised in a slum in Monrovia the Liberian city, Weah came from a challenged background. Born in a family of thirteen children whose parents would eventually separate, he was later on raised by her paternal grandmother.Weah started playing football at the age of fifteen; he is arguably one of Africa’s greatest and talented footballers. That is based on the accolades and awards he has received in his football career. Named African player of the year for three years, and FIFA player of the year in 1995, Weah’s decorated football career is but a precursor to his political one. He is cut from a rare fabric, the best of them all. Of course you know his History, so I won’t delve into it further.Weah’s is the epitome of the awakening of African masses. He is the at the centre point of the revolutionary wave that is about sweep through Africa. His story is an inspirational one. African people are not known for choosing a slum-bred president. This is new to us and I must also say utterly interesting. To me, President George Weah is the burning flame of hope for African people and our ultimate knight in shining armour. I am confident he is but just the beginning of the revolutionising process of the African leadership landscape. GoWeah, make the people of Liberia and Africa proud.


Emmanuel SimiyuWaswa

County: Trans-Nzoia County.

Mobile: 0701987915

Email: esimiyu13@gmail.com



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