Kenya boy

I saw Opwondi build,setup up the foundation of an artistic building,block after block,cement cuddling block,steel kissing cement as Opwondi setup the walls that we call our nation.
I saw Kimani enterprise,braving the cold morning to create some wealth and all those waves, that form the graphs we call the Economy.He values the numbers over sleep,he treasures growth over laziness.He has therefore been justly rewarded for his frantic efforts.
I saw Wafula struggle,amidst an inflating economy.Ugali was costly but he complained little.He braved the hard days with the tenacity of a Boar Boel.The troubles Wafula’s face rooted in the homelands.
And there was Omondi in his lavish Mercedes.Robed in his glossy suit and costy wrist watch.Proud with a presence that would suffocate a room.His brother Ochieng is bracing the wounds,cuts from the vicious election cycle.Deep in the heart of Kondele while battling with police.
Here is Ikone ,the brave Turkana warrior.Battles after battles in search of herds of cattle.To please Najuma her beautiful, young bride.Culture they say is the motive driving there action.They find themselves in a dilemma. A hard place between the conflicts of culture and modernity.
Then there was Kadogo,the industrious mama mboga. Doing the little she can to afford some food for her family. Kadogo complains of the recent ban of plastic paper.She has troubles finding an alternative to package chips and mboga to her customers.
Every market has its mad man,just like the cruel Echakara. Short tempered he is.He beats up his wife,for no good reason at all.He thinks himself a man but he only plays in the league of cowards.Respecting women is a mans number one priority.Protecting your queen is the God given responsibility.
The beautiful Nthenya,graces the stone pavements of the University of Nairobi.She is headed out of the school,to meet Kibet the fat-bellied sponsor.Today they go to party,it is members day I understand. Nyama Mama in Westlands is the destination,to get spoils for the young,unsuspecting prey.
There is Khalwale,the sugarcane farmer.Troubled he is,season after season and no money for his harvest.Cane factories are closing down,succumbing to the pressure of the greedy sugar cartels. Khalwale prays to Were,asking for favour and blessings to be bestowed upon him.Braving hard times for the better days are ahead.
Here comes Njeri the courageous lioness.From the drinking dens she hails,swindling her illicit brew to the innocent lair of men that grace her home, to sip from the cup of sin.

Then there is Loyerer,the pastrol farmer.He travels long distances,to grace the animal markets.He sells cattle,goat,sheep and camel.Thanks to Loyerer,we get a piece of meat for every Kenyan meal we order.
There is Kuria,the untamed political viper.He spews his poisonous venom,upon unsuspecting citizens.They hail and clap for him,buttressing his Big ego further.The ugly truth, canvasing the countries political scene.

colours 3
Different counties,different cultures.Many languages,one people,one nation.Different tribes,different colours.The diverse colours of my country Kenya.I am proud of you,beautiful mother Earth,the emblem of my heritage.I am proud of your progress and your spirit of development.My pledge to you sassy Kenya,beautiful people of Kenya is to continue with our efforts,of building this our immortal Fatherland.Love,wisdom and understanding being the framework for our progress.


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