A reggae legend I really respect, even though I didn’t live during his times, dropped a legendary track called the BOSS. In his music the mighty Culture a reggae legend, tries to express the reasons and illusions as to why some people deem themselves more equal than others. I didn’t intend to bore you with the details but since you asked for it, well you are going to get it anyway. The lyrics are something close to this ‘’Who gave the orders to go the MOON, ‘’then the background vocalists reply ‘’the BOSS he said so, ’who gave the orders to build a space STATION, ’The BOSS…..HE SAID SO.’’ Who gave the orders for APARTHEID in South Africa, THE BOSS…HE SAID SO.? ’’Who gave the orders to bomb IRAQ and KOSOVO…..the BOSS…HE SAID SO.’’? Then the mighty culture concludes his chorus by asking a fundamental question that has been lingering in my mind for quite some time now. He asks ‘’Tell me who is this BOSS? Is he right or is he the ANTI-CHRIST?’’

When president Trump uttered his slurry remarks recently against African countries and Haiti, I swear that I instantaneously found an answer to Mighty Cultures critical question. If I lived somewhere in Jamaica, I would have visited his gravesite where he rests in peace and told him that I had finally found the BOSS (Well, technically, not him, maybe his ghost or spirit.).I mean there is no doubt about that now. My conscience can now be at ease. So we the people from shithole countries also have internet, and we intend to use it to defend our position.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

So what if we come from shithole countries, so what if our leaders are corrupt, our people are at war against themselves. We are aware of our poverty stricken Countries, we are totally cognisant of the fact that we are still battling disease, ethnic divisions, unemployment, illiteracy, drought, famine and food insecurity. Yes we are totally aware of this. Not only are we aware, unlike President Trump we live this Experience each single day. Unlike him it is not merely a rhetoric to us ,ooh no Sir, or should I say BOSS, it is our reality.

Come to think of it, unlike the white supremacist, when African people were being forced onto slaves sheep, guns pointed on their bare backs, lashes  bruising there black backs as they were forcefully sold off to slavery, let me guess where POTUS was, well he wasn’t even there. He isn’t aware of the troubles our people have gone through, sometimes for many decades and even centuries. Four hundred years as slaves. Working on Tobacco and cotton plantations in the America’s and Europe. Cut off from our heritage, given names like pet Dogs, men who had no honour, no integrity or a shred of human dignity.

Treated like donkeys, generations after generations being born into slavery. It crushes my spirit to think of the anguish and extreme pain that our black ancestors had to endure. Little or close to no food, sheltered like domesticated goats, killed at the orders of the master, restricted movements and cruel white Supremacist’s calling them niggars.  Were we Lucifer’s children? Were we children of a lesser god?  So yes that belittled generation’s genes still run in our system, true to it, maybe we are still recovering from the damage that was caused ages ago to the people who gave life to us.

Unlike the white Supremacists, the cruel colonial masters descended on Africa with greed of gigantic proportions. The scramble and partition for Africa they called it. Hell they even held conferences on how to squarely divide our motherland. Like the current inhabitants of Africa, the black natives were merely flies, harmless insects whose opinion would not be required even when it is a matter of dividing their homelands. As though that wasn’t enough, we were forced to till the lands for our new masters, in exchange for a kipande being hanged around our necks. Barely had we recovered from slavery and here they were at it again. Where did this notion of black suppression come from?  Tormenting the black man, harassing him and making him feel lesser of a man than the rest. Teaching him that their children are stupid, dirty and incomparable to there children. I am sorry for expressing myself in such a manner, but at least I have the courtesy of using a cultivated and filtered set of vocabulary as opposed to the BOSS.


Then African leaders awoke, fighting against colonialism. Great sons of Africa. Unsung heroes and revolutionaries. There was the Osagefwo, Dr.Kwame Nkurumah the thinker, there was the Honourable Patrice Lumumba our African Matry, there was Amilcar Cabral the unifiers. The bulldozer, President Thomas Sankara, the upright man, Africa’s Che Guevvara. Men who had a vision for who had spent time trying to find lasting solutions to how Africa would be grown into a coveted place and an equal player in the global landscape. Well, history has a clear outline of how these men met there untimely end. Some through cruel assaninations, some through bloody military coups, Patrice our Martyr paid the ultimate price. The masterminds of these assassinations and coups are well known to us. The BOSS it was, as mighty culture said.

So Africa and black people by extension have been partners in an abusive marriage with their global counterparts. Rich in natural resources, arable landmass and a beautiful climate, yet the poorest continent in the globe. I am not blaming all this things on anyone but I am only reminding some people of the milestones we have come as the NEGROID race. From slaves to independent countrymen of the so called SHITHOLE COUNTRIES. You may see shithole countries in your eyes but in our own eyes we call it progress.

Having been taken out of our History and into the white textbooks History, our cultures and heritage have been diminished and replaced with the white man’s culture. Our native languages are being replaced by our former colonial master’s languages. Our religions our beliefs have been replaced the white man’s religious ideologies, one of their greatest import into Africa. So where is the blackman now? The reality is that he doesn’t exist. He is black in colour but white in character, behaviour, culture, language, education and lifestyle. There three things under the heavens that do not change, the Sun, the Moon and the Truth. So the truth is Modern Africa or Shithole countries as they are now referred to are merely a product of the former colonial masters. So POTUS  should spare us some shit and let us recover from the post traumatic stresses of the hurtful past that we have encountered as a race. Let African people be, let them build their legacies too. It is clear that the American economy and development has been totally based on the foundations of free labour provided for by the black slaves. Spare us insults and thank us for being equal contributors to your progress. Let us also create our supremacy, Black Supremacy.


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