A baby is born in the middle of the night in the little delivery room. They smack his back and feet till he cries because that is how we all make an entry into this our troubled world. That is exactly how she joined us, the little bundle of joy, from the look of things God must have taken his sweet time moulding her in her mother’s womb. She is a masterpiece, with a viscerally controlled aura. She seldom cries, even when she is handed over to some of the frightful faces that some of us adults dread. She seems to be aware of the circumstances surrounding her being. So she has resigned to being universal, friendly and welcoming to all and sundry. She is a child of the world, she forms part of the intricate web that is our universe and I must say she plays her role wonderfully in the world she is new in.

It is said that the key to happiness is creating, procreating also falls in this category too. God must have been bored being alone in his abode, so he had to create something that I guess would rekindle his flame of happiness. He got down to business and by the mention of words the universe came into existence. The free soaring birds of the air, the mighty giants of the wild, the frightful predators, the friendly domestic animals, the breath-taking firmament, the long stretches of amazing blue oceans and lakes. When he was done with all that, he didn’t find satisfaction, he was still empty; there was a missing link, just like a painter would tell his masterpiece is not yet crafted to perfection.

In his likeliness and image we were created, so the good book says. When God was done creating all the catchy sites of the universe he knew he had not worked on his masterpiece yet. Something was nudging inside him, telling him to go at it again and he surely did. This time round, he got it right. From dust he created man, his own reflection it is argued. He was careful with this creation, he took his time with it and when he finally finished he looked at everything he had created and he said it was beautiful. He had found the missing link, the missing piece of the puzzle, it was man. To this special creation he gave dominion over all other of his creation because after all his reflection was fit enough to handle it. The most important attribute that God passed down to man was his ability to be equally a creator.

Ability to create; let us examine that a little further. A few centuries ago, man was not as sophisticated as he is today. The information age and the industrial revolution is evidence enough to show that truly we are creators just like our man upstairs. Talk of embedded manufacturing systems, automobiles, telecommunication, aeroplanes, skyscrapers, mechanised agriculture, computers, robotics, the internet and the dreadful artificial intelligence that has seen man try to outwit God at his own game, creating men like artificially intelligent robots and giving them the rights that God also bestowed on us, the scientists behind the creation of these robots ensured to secure them ultimate freedom.

Whether God looks down on earth and smiles at the achievements that men have made over time is confusing .Maybe he is proud and maybe not. Despite all these progress that mankind has made in regard to creation just like God before them, they have not been merely satisfied with their own creation. They needed a masterpiece too. This is where the genius of God comes in. He had given man the ability to pro-create. To bring more people to the vast world. ’’Go yee to the world and multiply.’’ The exact instructions God gave the first man and woman. The instruction of life. Thanks to this divine phrase the world has got more than six billion humans roaming its surface.

She is among the six billion. Our salvation I call her. Creations bring satisfaction and happiness. Just like builders would be delighted at their work after successful completion of a palatial building. Children: are a product of our procreation and the ultimate source of joy, pride and happiness. Before she came to be with us, we were just another ordinary family. Nothing interested us. Life was plain and ordinary, distasteful if you ask me. While she was still in her mother’s womb, I wrote her a letter, I expressed to her how timely she was. She chose the perfect time to make a grand entry into our lives as a family.


Her presence wears the rooms with the magnificence of a British royal. She is amazingly beautiful, not my words but rather the opinions of the many people who have set eyes on her. They are bewildered by her charisma and presence. Her angular face, nicely curved jawline, flawless skin and eyes  that sparkle with innocence is a sight worth witnessing, spare a trip to visit museums  to see monkeys and come see this angelic force of nature. Mark you this is not my thin-veiled imagination. I have taken the trouble to attach a photo of her to accompany this article. This is an emblazoned article to my baby niece. The lady who brought us a lot of love and smiles.


Everybody wishes to hold her, embrace her and love her. That is why she is special. She is the oasis of love which everyone desires to take a sip from. The crown of her grandparents and a beacon of hope for her single strong mother. They make an adorable duo; however she easily steals the attraction and attention mostly to her. When she is grown, I will get my sister a club. This club will come in handy in chasing away drooling adolescents and naughty hyped up boys who would want to carelessly come at her. My fist will come in handy too, but just in the event I am not around the club would do the job just fine, to scare away the ogling Fisi’s from the beautiful Bella.


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