DEAR 2017


There was Raila and Uhuru and the drama that ensued. There was hope and resentment in equal measure. There was baby Pendo,the normal cycle of election and of angry youth. There was joy and sorrow. There was justice,anarchy, love and hate. There was the hundred bob couple and their faint less love. There was a crazy ugali video. Kenyans on social media were more creative than ever. The Githeri man  discovered the Githeri media,there was a presidential award and it was amazing how foolery can be awarded. There were patriots,musicians,singers,poets,artistes and crazy comedians yet the man of the year is the iconic Chief Justice who put the country on the right side of history, salvaging the destroyed image of this my beloved Kenya. We give thanks 2017 for bringing Maraga along, the unrivalled man of the year. The destroyer of injustice and the burning flame of hope for the people of Kenya, Africa and the world. His words we take to the New Year: ’’The greatness of a nation lies in its adherence to the constitution and the rule of law and above all, the fear of God. ’’

You have been quiet an eventful year. What would I have learnt without you? Where I should start, I wonder? You have been both a friend and foe, both a sweetheart and a devil in disguise. Nevertheless you have brought me a lot of growth and responsibility; you are the year that ushered me into young adulthood, a young man from his mama’s home to a prospective lonely bachelor. The greatest lesson therefore from you is, I need a wife, just kidding. Anyway let us get down to the serious staff. January, 2017 I got into a matatu on route to Nairobi.The plan was to go to nai and find a job. Of course I would not be the first fresh graduate from campus to nurse such silly ambitions. It’s my guess that thousands if not millions of young people my age had already flocked into the city and were looking for a job just like me.

Was my plan viable? I wonder? Looking back into January several months from today, I totally conquer with the hard fact that maybe our fate as human beings is already sealed. Life wasn’t cosy in the big wild city, broke as a church mice. Alone in the big city. None to lean on. None to support me, at the time of need. Things were tough. All I could barely get was some pocket change to get myself some lunch and occasionally some breakfast. I could barely foot the expensive transport to Tao. Life however has a way of compensating for hard times.

This has been a year full of personal growth and self-realisation for me.It is the year when I recognised the importance of personal development. I had to confine to a tight routine, discipline myself more so I could set myself on a path of realising my dreams, goals and ambitions. Honestly a few months ago I had completely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Things were tight; I was a man between a rock and a wall. I didn’t know which direction my life was taking, I was surely lost, I was in total darkness, the only light that was available was so faint. It was not enough to shine the light on my way. However I kept moving forward, I kept the hope albeit faint hope but it was still hope nevertheless.

On that lonely apartment that I spent the first three months of this year, I was sculptured into a new individual. I was utterly transformed into a completely new creature. This new version of me was surprising. It scared me out of my wits.Normally,I have always been a lazy fellow, I say this without fear because after all some of the world’s best inventions were brought about by lazy people. A quick example is the remote. Surely that cannot be an invention of an industrious individual. However despite my lazy attitude, this year I learnt the importance of books and a good, skilful education. So I enrolled in Techno Brain and started studying Networking, that is computer networking,CCNA ROUTING and switching.It kept me busy in the evenings since it was a part time class.

The question however was what  I was doing during the day?I used to  study and study and study.Mark you I was bearly studying computer Networking but rather I occupied myself with the important aspect of self-realisation. How was I going to find out how to be my best self. So I read a couple of books, I started with Paulo Coelho’s the Alchemist, it was a book of its kind. It touched my heart  in ways I could not have anticipated. Then came the monk who sold his Ferrari ,this is the masterpiece that changed my entire view of life. Then coincidentally one evening as I was rushing off to class on……..plaza westlands,I stumbled upon a couple of monks on the streets of Nairobi. They were gifting out books to people, they  were strategically positioned opposite Archives, besides Moi Avenue near the city council public toilet that, a place famed for its ample space that allows those rogue Nairobi preachers to anchor there temporary pulpits so they grasp the offerings of unsuspecting flock of sheep. So this monk, he must have been Chinese requests me to take up on their offer of free books. I check them out, they are mostly Buddhists books. There is one book that really captures my attention, its title, ’THE SCIENCE OF SELF REALISATION.’’I had to take this one along, after all it would give me great insight into trying to find my path. So when I requested to take that book along, they bantered, telling me that they were trying to raise money to feed some orphans somewhere, so they requested that I contribute a little something towards that. I am not familiar to selfishness, so I reach into my pockets and grab a fifty shillings note, a bill that would go a long way into improving the quality of my life. This book down listed some simple principles that I live up to date. Mostly it revolves around recognising a supreme being that is responsible for our being.

In summary,2017 is the year I started appreciating the importance of books. I also learnt that I am strong enough to face my troubles. My course at Techno brain was over, I had to find something else to keep me  busying to the fact that I had a lot of time to kill, I started identifying some skills that would make me some cash. I identified Forex Trading as a lucrative opportunity. So I Taught myself a how the FOREX market works, I learnt about Technical and Fundamental trading ,crazy technical tools like the Ichimoku Konku a Japanese candlestic pattern,I learnt of the Parabollic SARS,the Exponential Moving Averages and so on.I also taught myself a few photography and videography skills,I didn’t have a camera but I sure had a lot of faith in me.

Reading all these books, an arousing within me started pushing me into writing some silly articles. I had no laptop at this point in time. So I started writing on an A4 book I had carried along from college. Four years in college and I could barely fill up this book. However the first three months of this year and I filled up that book with senseless writings that only had some meaning to me, it all made sense now, writing calmed me down. I am not an outspoken person, most at times I am always a quiet individual, writing gave me a platform to express myself, my anger, my joy, my love and also hate. It was my new found alter ego.

So I found this amazing community of writers in Nairobi. They met every Friday, to have fun and express their artistic side of life. So I fell in love with them. Every Friday afternoon, I found my way to the Nairobi National Museum. The Amphitheatre was the meeting point, you would find them sited on those concrete terraces, some singing, some were poets, some were actors and most of them were writers. They were an amazing community. I really miss them a lot. They made me feel at home. My heart was at ease around them. I was truly home. Then shortly after meeting this family I had to leave Nairobi.

This same year, I lost her, she was a special someone to me.My teacher, she taught me History from Form one to two. She was solely responsible for organising a slot for me in that coveted High school that was the pride of Trans-Nzoia County. She was not only a teacher but a friend to my family. She got me out of some tough situations during my high school years. I had to travel back home and bid farewell to this heroine of mine. So I left the amazing community in Nairobi and travelled back home. We buried her in khalwenge a village that sleeps off the slopes of Mount Elgon.Her soul Rests in peace now. Thanks to her I go back home and found my roots.

This has been the year I also met the best people so  far in my short vain life. My best person of the year is a small girl, she is so cute, a rear beauty sent down to us from heaven. She has been a blessing to me and my family. A crown to my grandparents and the pride of her mum who also happens to be my sister, a stubborn sister. She is cool and amiable ,she easily accepts all, and her smile is killer. Boys are sure going to have a run for their money with this one. She is a princess, my niece, her mum called her Bella, she also happens to be the perfect reincarnation of my grandfather, her mother coincidentally named her after my grand mum.

I also met this mzungu,he is called Bruno.I met him in Nairobi.He was studying vegetarian societies in Africa.I met him at a writers guild meet up at the Nairobi Ampitheater.His heart was widely broken when the young enthusiastic men clearly told him that he was not going to have any luck finding any veterans societies in Africa.Rememeber I told you that I have been studying a lot, so I told him about the Rastafarians of Ethiopia and Gambia. I gave him a lot of history about the Rastafarian community and that earned me a place in his heart. He constantly refers to me as being smart, he is the first to call me smart and he also happens to be a mzungu.Anyway he travelled to Gambia all thanks  to me and he should be somewhere in India as at the moment I am penning down this article. He taught me the importance of healthy living and respecting life.

I also happened to find a couple of jobs. First job was a data entry contract with the ministry of lands. It was a challenging one that one. I would write more about it but it would only go towards wasting my time and space since I had no place in my heart for that job. I worked for a cooperative society in Kitale town, developed a management system for them. They are to date my best employers. They don’t pay me much, but the lessons and teachings I have learnt from them is gigantic. I have made friends with them, they not only made me there employee but also there equal. They are surely amazing individuals this ones. The women at the office are kind and generous. The lady taught me in Sunday school, so she cherishes me to date, to her, I am a gemstone, priceless and precious. I really like them a lot, it would be a hard task bidding them goodbye as the following year edges closer.

All that said,2017 has been a year of teachings. If it were possible to record all the accounts of this year, then it would have to be a novel. However these article summarises the year that has been 2017 for me and it has been an eventful year. I found growth, I tackled challeges,I found my footing,slowly by slowly I am continuously finding my strength,I will walk someday,then I learn how to run and eventually I will leap and fly.Fly into another level,another dimension, another space that only few who have walked the surface of this planet have achieved. As I come to close of this year, it is my hope that the years to come will be better if not the best. It is  my prayer, that the man upstairs who also happens to be my boss and master will open doors so that I can fly and build myself a phenomenal life as I struggle to build my legacy.


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